PHYSICAL Literacy network denmark

PLnet (Physical Literacy Network Danmark) is a nation wide network for debate and knowledge across disciplins, profesions and sectors. PLnets members share a common interest in physical literacy and the networks goal is to create collaboration between practice, policy and research.

In short, our vision is to support that all Danish children achieve optimal physical literacy.

Mission &
strategic focus

To achieve the vision and purpose, PLnet's mission is to influence practice and policy through the following strategic focus areas:


  • Networking and collaboration between PLnet's members

  • Knowledge sharing and compliance between PLnet's members

  • Advocacy and debate directed at practice and politics

  • Training and capacity building aimed at practice


Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.

International Physical Literacy Association (2017)

Danish common understanding 

In recent years, a number of stakeholders from various sectors have engaged in translating the English concept of physical literacy. Physical literacy is translated by various actors into movement competence , or used synonymously with the concept of bodily formation . The great interest in the concept has led to a number of different definitions and understandings.


To be able to understand, promote and develop the concept in a Danish context, a wide range of practitioners, politicians and researchers from a number of organizations and institutions worked with a common Danish understanding of physical literacy at a national seminar (Nyborg, January, 2019).


vIsion & Purpose

The overall vision for PLnet is a world where everyone achieves optimal physical literacy in order to move and participate in physical activities throughout their lives.


The purpose of PLnet.dk is to promote physical literacy.

who can become a member of plnet

Everyone can become a member of PLnet, both organizations and individuals. As a member you get the opportunity to attend the network meetings, which are held twice a year.




As a organizatoional member, you also have the opportunity to host network meetings. If your organization want to be a member please, contact the managing group.

Meetings and
SEMINARS   (2020)

Network meeting on September 25 at. 10-13, Danish School Sport, Nyborg.







On November 10, 2020, PLnet, in collaboration with other organizations, will hold an open seminar in Copenhagen. More information and registration will follow. Members are sent information by mail.

Who are we?

The managing group of PLnet consists of the following organizations. Click on the logos to read more about the organizations.



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PLnet, in collaboration with IPLA, is hosting a series of free webinars.


On June 23, we held a webinar on physical literacy and sports coaching.







On April 28. Plnet held is the free webinar with Dr. Margaret Whitehead and Nigel Green from IPLA. We recorded the webinar. To see or see, we ask you to join PLnet. Being a member is quite free.

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