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JUNE 2020


Watch WEBINAR with the founder of physical literacy

On Tuesday, April 28 PLnet held a free webinar on. We recorded the webinar. To watch or re-watche, we ask you to join PLnet. Being a member is free.





The webinar was held as an interactive interview between Dr. Margaret Whitehead, Nigel Green and interviewer Peter Elsborg, and participants were given the opportunity to ask questions on forehand.


Danish participation in new large European physical literacy project

PL4Life is an Erasmus+ supported project led by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA). The project is being carried out by a consortium of 11 international partners from the sports, education and health sectors as well as several leading experts. The aim of the project is to spread the concept of physical literacy and to make the concept recognized internationally as part of human life processes involving both physical, emotional and cognitive dimensions, and not least as a catalyst for lifelong participation in physical activity and movement.


From Denmark participants are: Peter Elsborg and Clara Heinze (Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen), Peter Bentsen (Center for Clinical Research and Prevention), Paulina S. Melby (Danish School Sports), Niels Grinderslev, Katja Bødker and Cammilla Jørgensen (DGI).

Contact: Peter Elsborg

Physical Literacy for life Logo-horizont

Danish research project on Physical Literacy has started well

The Danish Assessment of Physical Literacy (DAPL) is a new Danish assessment tool that can measure  physical literacy of schoolchildren that is being developed and disseminated in a new project. Physical Literacy is an umbrella concept that is gaining increasing attention. It involves the affective, cognitive and physical aspects that are important for movement and physical activity behavior throughout life. DAPL is currently beeing validated and tested at approx. 800 school pupils across eight Danish schools. The data collection was going well when the corona crisis began and will start again after the school summer vacation. Once validated, DAPL will be made publicly available and ready for direct implementation. For example, sports educators can use DAPL to evaluate their teaching efforts.


The project is carried out as a collaboration between the Center for Clinical Research and Prevention, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Danish School Sport, DGI and the University of Copenhagen. The project is supported by TrygFonden.

Contact: Peter Elsborg


Peter Elsborg is included to the IPLA working group

Peter Elsborg (PLnet and SDCC) is a member of the International Organization of Physical Literacy Association's (IPLA) working group. In this way, PLnet has gained a direct channel for contact to leading researchers and practitioners with a large international network. Peter is working to draw attention to all the good initiatives going on in Denmark. As an example, the Danish research project Danish Assessment of Physical Literacy is mentioned in the IPLA newsletter.

Contact: Peter Elsborg


Interesting and relevant work is underway on measuring Physical Literacy in adults

Knud Ryom (Aarhus University and PLnet), in collaboration with SCDC (Helle Terkildsen - also AU, Peter Elsborg and Paulina Melby) and the Center for Clinical Research and Prevention (Peter Bentsen), is working on an interesting and relevant work on PL and adults. Although it is generally accepted that PL should be viewed from a life perspective and thus relevant at all ages, no studies have examined PL in adults. There are also no holistic measuring instruments of PL for people over the age of 18. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate measuring instruments, in the form of questionnaires that separatly measure one or more of PL dimensions in adults. With the aim of creating knowledge on how to measure PL in adults aged 18-65 years. The collaboration also includes Lowri Edwards, from Cardiff Metro Police University. The project concludes with a research article in 2020.

Contact: Knud Ryom

Adult review

Physical Literacy in DGI

Physical Literacy translates into "kropslig dannelse" in DGI and forms the foundation for DGI's entire work on sports, play and movement, regardless of target and age group. Physical education is for children, young people, adults and seniors - and it must be a pillar in all sports arenas.


At the general board meeting of DGI on March 13, 2020, it was decided that physical literacy is one of DGI's four political key cases . DGI prioritizes the interaction between joy, challenge, community and health. Sport is about much more than winning. The experience is as important as the result, and the experience must provide the desire, courage and prerequisites for lifelong physical activity. In sports, the “desire to come back” must be the main purpose.

DGI's approach to - and work with - physical literacy centers around these two models:






New project in Danish School sports

Half an hour of light movement every morning, or 15 minutes of play with elaveted pulse. "Movement trains" come in many different variants at the Danish schools, and especially in the primary school it is concidered a quite popular way of working with the daily movement. "Movement trains" contain an untapped potential in working with diverse range of movements and activities that can promote both physical literacy and health.


Danish School Sport has been supported by Danish Health Authorities to establish a small development project around "movement trains". The idea of ​​the new project, "Movement trains with power" is to get varied physical activity with a focus on high intensity into the schools' in the alreadye established "movement trians" - so that more primerary school children become more physically active during the school day. 


In the project "Movement trains with power", a number of materials and courses will be developed for teachers and educators' work with movement for the school pupils. The project's results and materials are expected to be launched late this year.

Contact: Lise Sohl Jeppesen


Network meeting

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the planned network meeting in PLnet, which should have been held on March 27, 2020. We hope that the Corona situation will improve over the summer and have scheduled the network meeting for September 25 in Nyborg.


Danish School Sport is the host and primary organizer of this networking meeting, where the theme is Physical Literacy in the school. The target group is practitioners, politicians, researchers and consultants who are interested in, and work with, sports and movement in the school.

Previously enrolled will be notified directly.

Contact: Lise Sohl Jeppesen

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