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Watch or review the webinar (April 28, 2020)
Physical Literacy from Theory to Practice

physical literacy from theory to practice

Live interactive interview and discussion with the mother 
of physical literacy,Margaret
Whitehead and the experienced practitioner, Nigel Green

 April 28th 12:30 pm

Local time in Copenhagen
Margaret Whitehead
M whitehead.png
About the webinar

Physical Literacy Network Denmark invites to a free webinar Thuesday 28th of April at 12.30pm (GMT+2).

The webinar will be held as an interactive interview with Margaret Whitehead and Nigel Green. The interview will among other be based on chosen questions asked beforehand by all attendees.


Margaret, as the theorist who coined and revived the term in 2010 in her seminal book Physical Literacy Throughout the Life Course, will take a theoretical perspective in her answers and discussions. Nigel, an experienced physical literacy consultant, will take a practitioner’s perspective in his answers and discussions. In this way, the webinar intent to answer and discuss the attendees’ questions regarding physical literacy from both perspectives. Please, read more about our guests below.

Read more about our guests below.

A link to the webinar will be send by e-mail on the morning of the 28th. 


(Copenhagen time: GMT + 2)


12.30  Welcome by PLnet Denmark


12.40  Presentation of the two guests

   Margaret Whitehead and Nigel Green.


13.00  Peter Elsborg will interview the guests


13.30  Live questions from the participants


13.45  Thanks for today

Margaret Whitehead
M whitehead.png

Founder and Honorary President of the International Physical Literacy Association. Author of Physical Literacy Throughout the Life Course.

Dr. Margaret Whitehead is a Visiting Professor at the University of Bedfordshire. Having trained to teach physical education and taught in school. Margaret lectured in pedagogy and has contributed to numerous books on the teaching of physical education.

She completed her PhD in 1987 and after retiring from full time work in 2000 she returned to her research and developed the concept of physical literacy. She has written and travelled widely to promote the concept.


Nigel Green was a university lecturer in physical literacy  at Liverpool John Moores University  from 2009 - 2018. He taught sports  on  four colleges for 29 years prior to this. IN  during this period he headed three departments, a faculty and a networking community. Nigel has been involved in teacher education and provided professional development for over thirty years, in the UK and most recently in India, Brazil and Taiwan.


As a former member of the Physical Education Association UK Executive Committee, a current member of the North Western Counties Physical Education Association Executive Committee and former chair of the International Physical Literacy Association, Nigel demonstrates a commitment and passion to promote and support the development of physical education and physical literacy  Worldwide.


He currently works with schools, organizations and governments  both in the UK and around the world 

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