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Center for Clinical Research and Prevention

The Center for Clinical Research and Prevention (CKFF) is a research center with international expertise in population-based epidemiology, clinical epidemiology, health promotion and prevention, health services research and biostatistics. CKFF is rooted in the health care system, but we focus research on health in a broader sense and work to promote health - both physically, mentally and socially. Our overall ambition is thus to contribute to a healthier and better treated population. CKFF has a multidisciplinary approach to health research. Our research broadly ranges from basic research into risk factors for disease, research into patient progress and treatment of disease, to research into effective health-promoting and preventive interventions focused on increasing public health. At the same time, we carry out application-oriented, cross-sectoral and practical research. Particularly distinctive for CKFF is that we are rooted in the clinical environment of a hospital, while also researching prevention based on regions and municipalities.

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DGI is a non-profit organization that has worked closely with the associations for more than 150 years to make the Danes more active. DGI works purposefully to strengthen exercise and latitude sports in Denmark. Together with the local sports associations we develop concepts and activities based on your needs and opportunities. We do this because we believe in the joys of sports and the strength of the community.


Aarhus university

Health Promotion and Population Health: The overall vision of the research unit is to create evidence of how to develop, implement and evaluate health promotion and prevention of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Efforts must be directed to the right populations at the right time in the most efficient way to support healthy living. The research unit follows three tracks that provide interdisciplinary scientific contributions to applied research and method development in public health sciences in intervention research and quantitative methodology. The research unit will achieve this by integrating established disciplines such as health promotion, demographics, intervention methodology, biostatistics and health economics.

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