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Availability Statement

The Capital Region undertakes to make the website accessible, cf. "Act on accessibility of public bodies' websites and mobile applications".

Do you find that there is unavailable content on

Here you have the opportunity to notify the responsible public body of the website's non-compliance with the accessibility requirements of the Web Accessibility Act. In addition, you also have the option to request information that the responsible public body may have exempted pursuant to section 1, subsection of the Act. 5 (exception of content) and § 3, subsection 2 (disproportionate burden).


You can contact the Capital Region if you find that there is unavailable content at



Phone: 38 16 30 61

You should not provide confidential or sensitive personal data such as social security number and health information when contacting the public body.

Compliance status

As a public body, you must indicate the extent to which your website complies with the requirements for web accessibility as set out in the harmonized standard EN 301 549.


Compliance status can be:

  1. The website fully complies with the standard

  2. The site partially complies with the standard (meets most requirements)

  3. The site does not comply with the standard (does not comply with most requirements)

The public body states that: The site partially complies with the standard (meets most requirements). 

In addition, the public body must describe how they evaluated the site. Here are the categories:

  1. The public body has evaluated the website itself

  2. Assessment has been carried out by an external party

  3. The public body has used a different method.

The public body states the method as:We have evaluated the site ourselves.

The public body describes the assessment method as:This website and are built in the same system. In 2015, Sensus ApS assessed the accessibility of (in the wake of this, a large number of technical optimizations of the system behind this website have been carried out). We have reviewed the content of the website ourselves based on the Capital Region's guidelines for content on web pages and assess that we comply with the requirements apart from the issues described in this statement.

Evaluation reports

The public body has the option of referring to any evaluation reports. 

The public body informs: No reference to evaluation reports

Initiatives to achieve a higher degree of web accessibility

The public body has the option to describe what they are doing to achieve a higher level of web accessibility on the website.

The public body's description:

We aim, as far as possible, to place information as web content instead of pdf files. In the future, we will make sure that the necessary pdf files on are web-accessible.

Application to the Danish Agency for Digitalisation

The Danish Agency for Digitization supervises compliance with the Web Accessibility Act.

Before contacting the Digital Agency, you must contact the public authority or public law body with a view to solving the web accessibility problem. You do this using the contact information that appears at the top of this availability statement.

If you find that the public authority or body under public law responsible for the website does not respond satisfactorily to your inquiry, you can send an inquiry to the Digital Agency through the inquiry form or leave a message on phone 20 16 36 12.

The Digital Agency uses the inquiries as input for the monitoring and supervision efforts for compliance with the Web Accessibility Act. You cannot expect to receive an answer to your inquiry, unless the Digital Agency needs further elaboration.

This statement was first published on December 9, 2021.

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