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Danish Assessment of Physical Literacy

The research project aims to translate and adapt a well-proven Canadian instrument that measures Physical Literacy in children aged 8-12 years to the Danish language and context / conditions. Physical literacy has temporarily never been studied in a Danish context, and in order to examine its significance
for mental, social and physical health, there is a need for a way in which it can be measured. As part of this
project you will be to conduct a series of physical tests with children in different primary schools, help with
collection of questionnaires, as well as collection of pedometer and accelerometer data. Data collection starts
in January and continues until June 2020. L

Mission & focus areas

To achieve the vision and purpose, PLnet's mission is to influence practice and policy through the following strategic focus areas:


  • Networking and collaboration between PLnet members

  • Knowledge sharing and compliance between PLnet members

  • Advocacy and debate aimed at practice and politics

  • Education and capacity building aimed at practice

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